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Milano Italian Restaurant

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The Best Italian Restaurant in Shenzhen

Milano Italian Restaurant

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About Us

Out of a passion for the catering industry, Giulio Cinisi and Enzo Lamacchia, have long dreamed of bringing real Italian food to Shenzhen.

An experienced pizza maker who learned how to make pizzas and pasta from a very young age, Enzo could guarantee that the restaurant had quality home-made pizzas and pasta, which are important parts of Italian cuisine. Meanwhile, the head chef knows the old recipes for southern Italian food.
Milano Italian Restaurant is rapidly become famous in Shenzhen, diners return again and again to the posh restaurant, which is located in Anhui Building in the Chegongmiao area, as word of mouth spreads the restaurant's reputation, bringing in even more customers.

An authentic Italian Restaurant in Shenzhen, which is the only one run by 3 Italians, will make you feel to be in Italy itself.
Great appetizers, homemade pasta. Italian pizza and many other specialities at reasonable price. An authentic Italian dining experience in elegant surroundings with an open kitchen.
Milano’s décor is a mix of modern and contemporary styles, with glass walls, red chairs and roman balustrades holding up a convivial and inviting dining space.
The Menu itself is a wonderful mix of Classics Haute cuisine, and also simpler offerings or the new comer to Italian food. Plenty of Antipasti (Appetizers), followed by both, home-made pastas like tagliatelle ( thick flat pasta) and the other favorites like Spaghetti and Penne in home-made sauces.
A sizeable collection of Secondi (mains) of Carne (meat) and Pesce (fish) offer classics done to perfection under the two Chefs who hail from Italy.
A cozy place for an exotic dinner with your loved one, or a casual family reunion, or even a corporate meeting, Milano offers the finest Italian dining experience at affordable prices.
With more than 80 percent of the ingredients flown in from Italy, the Italian chefs use the freshest available ingredients to create authentic Italian flavors and bring the real taste of Italy to Shenzhen palates.

The secret behind this is its authentic Italian cuisine prepared and served by three Italians at reasonable prices.The menu offers a multitude of taste choices with emphasis on Authentic Italian food prepared by Italian chef who follows his grandmother's recipes. Extensive selection of authentic Italian pizza prepared by Enzo Lamacchia, the best "Pizzaiolo (pizza maker)" in Shenzhen, will surely have you coming back. An item that should not be missed is Tiramisu. It's said to be the best in the city and many diners order more than one at a time.
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仅仅是对餐饮业的激情,Giulio Cinisi, Benedetto StellaEnzo Lamacchia 有一个远大的梦想,就是把真正的意大利美食带到深圳。

一位经验老道的手工披萨制作者,Enzo, 从很年轻的时候开始学习,Enzo毫不迟疑的可以担保餐厅有着高品质自制披萨和意大利面,这也是意大利美食中的两大最主要部分。与此同时,Benedetto,首席主厨,他熟知意大利南部传统菜式的秘密。

位于深南大道车公庙安徽大厦一楼内的米兰意大利餐厅,虽不彰显,但食客反复光顾,口碑相传,让她在深圳迅速走红,并赢取由Shenzhen Daily组织评选的深圳最佳意大利餐的殊荣!







这背后的秘密是三位意大利人将经典的意大利菜式精心准备并以合理的价格呈现。Benedetto Stella在菜式的选择上广泛并且道道都是经典,传承妈妈的味道。延续味蕾的各式披萨,由Enzo Lamacchia精心准备,这里的披萨绝对是深圳最棒的披萨,试过会让您爱上她。最后还有一样不能错过的美味,就是自制提拉米苏,被誉为全城的最美味。很多食客都是一次又一次的为她而来。